Roses and Rainbows Ministries

DSC_6065Roses and Rainbows Ministries, Inc., is an interdenominational ministry that equips, mentors, encourages, and challenges women to live the purposeful lives they were created for by allowing God to transform their past hurts and disappointments into blessings, for HIS glory.

A Message of Hope

Says founder and president Kim Crabill, “Roses and Rainbows provides events and environments that foster friendships by which women can mentor each other and exchange godly wisdom gained through life experiences and walking with God. Most women have no idea how much they have to offer others.”

Kim’s story and the story of Roses and Rainbows have been featured on television and radio. The Roses and Rainbows message of hope is also spread through Kim’s writing ministry. Her book Burdens to Blessings tells the story of how her life was transformed from one of hiding behind masks to one of believing God for “infinitely more” as promised in Ephesians 3:20.

Why Roses?

mom2At the age of four, Kim learned a truth that shattered her identity for decades to come. In response, she hardened her heart against her mother.

Because she was from a “good Christian family,” Kim learned to mask her true feelings. She appeared fine on the outside and set about succeeding academically, socially, and in her church and community involvement.

Over a process of many years, God patiently helped Kim sort out her hurts and fears, using a variety of events to chip away at her hardened heart. Finally, one Valentine’s Day, she was ready to reconcile with her mother. She sent her a dozen red roses. Kim’s mother called six hours later, and they were thoroughly reconciled, excitedly making plans for the future.

One week later, Kim’s mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. On Easter Sunday morning, she died.

Why a Rainbow?

On the way home from the funeral, Kim was lost in her thoughts when she heard her husband say, “Kim, open your eyes! You are not going to believe this!” She resisted his enthusiasm; she just wanted to grieve. Yet he persisted: “Kim, please, just for a minute—please, look up!”

What she saw took her breath away:  the most beautiful rainbow she had ever seen!

Kim finishes the story: “The rainbow has always been a symbol of God’s promises, and in the years (yes, it took years!) that followed, God showered me with promises for my life and ministry. I was slow to respond to many of His promptings, but little by little as I stepped out in faith and obedience, He began to change me from the inside out.

A rose helped me on my first step toward reconciling with my mother and a rainbow gave me the assurance that God would bring something powerfully good from her death.

Dare to Believe

No matter what burdens you bear—from your past or your present—God has the power to turn those burdens into blessings in your life and use them to encourage and equip the people all around you.

Dare to believe that He will bring something powerfully good from your experiences, too.  That is the message of Roses and Rainbows.

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