Mary Wood and I value family as a priceless treasure. We both appreciate the dedication and leadership of Roses and Rainbows Ministries. Former Governor David Beasley, State of South Carolina
It was incredible to watch what God was doing in hearts because of Kim’s honesty. As she talked about her life and emotional healing, women connected to her in amazing ways. Life-changing decisions are made each time she speaks.Sandra Aldrich, International author and speaker
Our ladies have laughed, cried, and experienced healing as a result of Kim’s willingness to be real. The best thing was seeing literally five generations of women come together through Burdens to Blessings!Pastor Ryan Mason, Hillcrest Baptist Church, Texas
Kim’s testimony, the Roses and Rainbows story, left the fingerprints of God embedded in my heart and life. Atlanta Conference
Two summers ago, through Twitter, I was introduced to Kim Crabill. Her heart for women was beyond any I had ever known. I spent that summer reading her daily emails about Ephesians 3:20. My journey was taking me through some gut-wrenching family issues, and her simple application of God’s Word coupled with real-life truths brought me to a point of releasing control and allowing God to do more than I could ask or think. I saw relationships healed, joy returned to hearts, and future plans unfold beyond expectations. Kim has one of the most authentic, God-breathed ministries to women that I have ever experienced. I am blessed to call her friend and, even more, my sister in Christ!Becky, New Mexico
I met Kim when I attended a Bible study at her house. Immediately, she made me feel like I had known her a lifetime. She became an instant mentor to me, a person I look up to for godly counsel. She is honest and can meet you right where you are in your spiritual journey, whether you are pondering if you believe in Jesus Christ or you are an experienced believer who already has a personal relationship with Him. She has challenged me not just to read God’s Word but to apply it to my everyday life. I will be forever grateful for Kim’s teaching. She uses her story as a tool to reach people, not as a crutch to lean on.Julie, Maryland
Kim’s teachings are providing women much-needed encouragement, inspiration, and biblical teaching. I highly recommend her conferences, retreats, etc., to women of all walks of life. Carmen Pate, Concerned Women of America, Washington DC
My dear friend knew I was struggling with some difficult life events. She suggested that I join her for a Bible study called Burdens to Blessings. I was reluctant; I had never attended a Bible study before and didn’t know what to expect. What I found was a group of women who lived their faith, and a leader in Kim who kept it real. The study taught me that scriptures are not just something to be quoted; they are words to guide, sympathize, calm, and educate. Kim keeps a perfect balance of listening, teaching, and sharing. Everyone knows that what is said stays with the group. When I count my blessings, I count Kim and my friend Terry twice. Denise, Maryland
Men, encourage your wives to participate in Roses and Rainbows. It will strengthen your marriage. Women, take a chance that Kim’s teachings could be what you need to get out of the doldrums, out of the pits, and out of the ruts of everyday existence. Rev. Dr. John Hatcher, Georgia
I see Kim raising a generation of women to do what she taught me to do in my church: spread my wings and minister where I found my place of influence. Women's Ministry Director, Maryland
For as long as I can remember I knew not to burden people with my fears and troubles. Then I met Kim at a time when I had really begun to grow weary. I felt the hand of God. Through Kim’s ministry I learned that my feelings were not only valid but shared by every other woman in our group. By talking to each other we see that we are not islands unto ourselves.Elizabeth, Maryland
God has gifted Kim with the ability to share His truth. She points people to see themselves as God sees them and find their true potential through Him. Christal, Georgia
Kim’s daily devotionals speak directly to me. It’s as though she has read my mind and is helping me through the day. It’s the perfect way to start the day—that little reminder that God loves me. I met Kim by joining her Sunday School class in Augusta 12 years ago. God used Kim’s teaching to change my life. She taught me not only how to live God’s Word but also something I had never been challenged to do before: to be real, to be transparent, and to stop masking! Linda, Georgia
Kim exemplifies what a godly woman should be. She walks her talk. She is one of the most hospitable women I know, and I know I can call her at any time for anything. I am so blessed by God to have her in my life!Beth, Maryland
I have seen Kim bring together a group of strangers and, within a very short period of time, we are sharing our hopes, dreams, stories, struggles, disappointments, but most importantly, our faith. Strangers become friends on a deep level, forged by trust and knowing that we are all traveling on the same journey with Christ.Debbie, Texas
At long last a Bible study with real, authentic women! Growing up in the South, I was taught not to air your dirty laundry, meaning that what happened inside the home stayed inside the home. Through this study, I have realized there is growing, healing, and abundant blessing found in learning to be real with God and with women you learn to trust. Lynn, Maryland
I wish I had met Kim years ago! I could spend endless time with her. Terry, Roses & Rainbows Advisory Team

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