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Burdens to Blessings

Unmask Your Burdens and Discover God’s Purpose for Your Life

Burdens to Blessings combines Kim’s signature message with in-depth Bible teaching. She challenges women to quit hiding and be real with God and each other about the hurts, disappointments, and regrets they carry. That’s when God will transform those burdens into blessings above and beyond anything they could imagine, according to His promise in Ephesians 3:20.


Author: Kim Crabill
169 pages
Publisher: Broadstreet Publishing, LLC; 2013

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Kim’s personal story and the questions at the end of each chapter will enable you to experience healing together and guide you into the rich intimacy of friendship.Susan Alexander Yates, speaker and bestselling author
When Burdens to Blessings came out, I was so excited that Kim’s essence and teachings would be neatly bound at my finger tips! Reading her book is like having a conversation with Kim in person; she truly speaks to you and your heart. I dog-eared many pages and keep going back to them when I need a reminder of Jesus’ love for me or words of encouragement. No matter where you are in your faith journey, Burdens to Blessings will touch your soul and your life!Kim, California
Kim taught me through her book that God can and will use my troubles, my burdens, and my past that I carefully hide from the world to honor and glorify Him. She opened my eyes to how God is working in my life and using my story.Amanda, Georgia

Burdens to Blessings, Young Adult Edition

Unmask Your Hurts and Discover Hope for Your Life

Long before adulthood, girls learn to hide the hurt and shame they feel. Bullying, peer pressure, abuse, loneliness, body image issues—these and similar pressures make it hard to face the future with hope. Kim brings her signature message of transformation to young women from teens through twenties: God turns hurt into hope and burdens into blessings—for us and the people around us.


Author: Kim Crabill
Paperback: 169 pages
Publisher: Comfort Publishing, LLC; 2014

Burdens to Blessings Young Adult Edition is available at Amazon and through your favorite local bookstore.

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As my mentor, Kim has shown me how to take whatever happens (good or bad) and discover how God can use it for blessing. I have seen her guide many young girls with devastating wounds along God’s path to healing. Even more, she shows us how to live strong lives that have a positive impact on others. I cling to Kim’s words to stay grounded in God’s truths.Courtney Turner, former Miss South Carolina, model, actress

Infinitely More

Your 40-Day Ephesians 3:20 Adventure

Kim Crabill’s life was transformed when she dared to believe God’s promise in Ephesians 3:20—that He had the power to bring “infinitely more” to her life. Now, you are invited on a 40-day adventure of exploring just what God has in store for your life. With her understanding of a woman’s heart and her deep confidence in God’s love, Kim is the perfect guide for this journey.


Author: Kim Crabill
Paperback: 100 pages
Publisher: Comfort Publishing, LLC; 2014

Infinitely More is available at Amazon and through your favorite local bookstore.

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Kim Crabill’s Infinitely More devotional is a great practical help to anyone who wants a deeper love relationship with God. Real-life stories combine with insights on Bible passages to challenge, inform, and inspire. Try it and see what 40 days of spending guided time in the Word will do for you.Frank S. Page, Ph.D., President & Chief Executive Officer, SBC Executive Committee
Kim helps unlock the joy and peace that Christ wants us to have by reassuring us of God’s promises for our lives.Cory Redding, Indianapolis Colts Man of the Year 2012, Ed Block Courage Award 2013


365 Readings That Celebrate God’s Love for You

We can never receive too many reminders that we are loved! These one-page readings focus your thoughts daily on how much God loves and values you. Your eyes will be opened to the goodness of His purposes and plans for you, and you will enter into each day empowered by the knowledge that you are cherished by your Father.


Author: Kim Crabill
Hard bound: 384 pages
Publisher: BroadStreet Publishing Group, 2017

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