Booklets by Kim Crabill

Each booklet offers:

  • a short, daily devotional reading
  • a daily scripture verse
  • a daily guided prayer
  • pocket- and purse-size convenience
  • bulk pricing for easy gift-giving

A Cup of Hope

31 Daily Readings to Refresh You

Cup-of-Hope-BookWhen you’ve lost hope, you rarely get it back in one big swoop. More likely, you rediscover it through small steps and in daily doses. That’s what this small booklet offers: 31 days, one page of hope each day, one verse, one prayer. Said one reader, “As soon as I finished it, I started over again!”
Author: Kim Crabill
Paperback: 38 pages
Publisher: 48 Hour Books; 2014

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We are all going through something, and it is nice to know we are not alone. The stories and teaching in A Cup of Hope prove that good things come from hurt and brokenness.Susan, Maryland
A Cup of Hope has been such a blessing. One day I really needed some peace, and I read Day 11. It was exactly what I needed at the time and has stuck with me ever since.Anna, California
Although it is written to be read a little each day, when I picked up A Cup of Hope I couldn’t put it down and read right through it. I still refer to it every day for inspiration.Debbie, Virginia

A Cup of Christmas

31 Daily Readings for December

Are we ever more frazzled than at Christmas? This small booklet of 31 daily readings brings back the wonder of the season. Its size lets you sip some encouragement in line at the mall or while stuck in traffic. Let this be the Christmas that you decorate your heart, not just your house.
Author: Kim Crabill
Paperback: 38 pages
Publisher: 48 Hour Books; 2013

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A Cup of Christmas made last Christmas the best ever. Even at our busiest, we can take a minute for a “cup” of God’s truth to keep us focused and prioritized. I gave a copy to everyone I love.Suzette, Alabama
I dread Christmas instead of enjoying its beauty. But last year was different. Every morning I started my day with A Cup of Christmas. Each reading helped me put my mind on the right track because my focus was on Jesus. I had the proper balance and perspective, and that made all the difference. The first item on this December’s to-do list is to read A Cup of Christmas again!Mariann, Maryland

A Cup of Freedom

31 Daily Readings to Send You Soaring

Cup-of-FreedomWe have been set free, yet we so often live as if we were prisoners: of our thoughts, our pasts, the opinions of others, and more. Through 31 daily readings, Kim shows the difference it makes when we embrace the freedom Christ offers us.
Author: Kim Crabill
Paperback: 44 pages
Publisher: 48 Hour Books; 2014

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