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Why Together Is Better. “My teaching series aren’t meant to be absorbed in isolation. I always imagine God doing with other women what He did with me: placing them in a small group where they can remove their masks and enjoy an environment where He transforms them. My prayer is that each series will draw participants into transparent, accepting friendships that celebrate them where they are and encourage them to be even more of who God created them to be.” —Kim

You can create the Community COFFEE experience in your home, church, workplace, or neighborhood. The same teaching that has made Kim’s COFFEEs so in demand is available as digital downloads. Each series is designed for group use and includes:

  • a video of Kim’s teaching to watch together
  • master copies of handouts (programs, teaching aids, etc.)
  • discussion questions based on the video
  • suggested icebreakers
  • FAQs about how to start and lead a small group
  • weekly teaching tips for the group leader

Burdens to Blessings

Unmask your hurts and discover hope in God’s purpose for your life

Burdens-to-Blessings-DownloadAn 8-week video study to accompany Kim’s signature book, Burdens to Blessings. (Book sold separately.)

Many women believe a lie: that our past mistakes, failures, regrets, and hurts disqualify us from enjoying God’s purposes for us. We retreat behind masks that make us look as if we have it all together. but we know otherwise. The astonishing truth is this: God uses us because of our pasts and our pain. He takes the things we regret most and transforms them into blessings for us and the people around us. This study guides women on a life-changing journey toward truth, freedom, and a mask-free life.

Key Scriptures: Isaiah 42:5-9, Matthew 11:28, Luke 5:1-5, John 4, John 8:31-32, John 10:10, Romans 4:18-21, 1 Corinthians 1:26-29, Ephesians 3:20, Hebrews 12:1

Week 1: Brown-Bag Burdens • Week 2: A Princess Story Goes Wrong (This is not the life I expected!) • Week 3: Dare to Believe • Week 4: Seize God’s Timing • Week 5: Fight for Your Future • Week 6: Step Out and Discover • Week 7: Embrace Today’s Opportunities • Week 8: Never Give Up

Using Burdens to Blessings in a small group was transformative for me. My relationships and my outlook changed. I could better understand those around me. I was able to let my emotional walls down to reveal my true feelings and accept the burden I have dealt with—and to seek the blessing behind it. My eyes were opened to great blessings where I didn’t expect to find them. Juliana, New York
It was amazing to see women in our Burdens to Blessings study bond over the messes from their pasts. We had so much in common, yet we had lived in fear of someone knowing. What a great experience of freedom as we began to drop the facades and do real life together! Tears, hugs, laughter, honesty, encouragement, vulnerability, trust, scriptures, and prayer became our weekly fix.Becky, New Mexico
For years I have carried a burden that has held me back from giving my all to God, my family, and friends. It took courage, but after crying through my story, I was surprised to find I was not alone. The other ladies opened up about their burdens too. Sometimes we feel we have to always keep it together on the outside and hide our true feelings. Thanks to this study, I no longer wear that mask. Lisa, Indiana

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Take the Next Right

Take the Next RightTired of making wrong turns in life? Discover God’s principles for staying on the right path.

An 8-week video study from Kim Crabill
We all want to do what is right. But in a constantly changing world, it gets harder and harder to know a right turn from a wrong turn. God assures us that though we may not be able to see a map of our entire journey, He will always show us the next right turn. In this 8-week study, Kim Crabill draws practical insights from a creative combination of familiar traffic signs and profound scriptures.

Week 1: Signs • Week 2: Yield • Week 3: No Littering • Week 4: Unmarked Pavement Ahead • Week 5: Under Construction • Week 6: Slow! Pedestrians Crossing • Week 7: No Thru Traffic • Week 8: HOV Lane Ahead

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Dancing On Your Dash

Dancing On Your DashTeacher Kim Crabill writes: “One day as others look upon that dash on my headstone between my date of birth and date of physical death, I hope they remember I danced. Whatever life brought, I hope they can say that I embraced the steps before me and danced to the music of God’s promises and purposes.” Don’t you want to live that way too! This 8-week video study will guide your small group into that beautiful dance you’ve been longing for your life to be.

Week 1: Introduction to the Dance • Week 2: Your Dance Instructor • Week 3: On Your Toes • Week 4: Keeping in Step • Week 5: Shaking Off the Snakes • Week 6: Determined to Dance • Week 7: When You’re Kicked Off the Dash • Week 8: Dancing After Failing

This study draws from passages in Psalms, Daniel, Jonah, John, and Acts.

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Perfectly Imperfect

Discover What a Perfect Fit You Are for God’s Purposes

Perfectly-ImperfectWhat kind of person do you think God would choose to change the world—or even just a neighborhood? Certainly not someone whose life is a mess or who has never done anything very significant! And yet, God tends to surprise us, doesn’t He? During this 8-week video study, you will visit with 8 imperfect women who were a perfect fit for God’s great purposes. You just might discover that your imperfections also make you perfect for God’s plans today.

Week 1: Introduction • Week 2: Mary and Elizabeth • Week 3: Dorcas • Week 4: Rahab • Week 5: The Servant Girl • Week 6: Mary Magdalene • Week 7: Mystery Woman • Week 8: Esther

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Lady Wisdom

Wouldn’t you love to be known as Lady Wisdom?

LadyWisdom v3Yet much of the time we feel confused, uncertain, even foolish as we try to make sense of our world and our lives. In this 9-week study that draws heavily on the book of Proverbs, your teacher will be the Source of wisdom: God Himself. The outcome: You’ll become women who make decisions as God would make them, solve problems as God would solve them, nurture relationships as God would nurture them, and so much more.

Week 1: Introduction • Week 2: Meet Madam Folly • Week 3: The Search • Week 4: Paths to Wisdom – Ask • Week 5: Paths to Wisdom – Values • Week 6: Paths to Wisdom – Friends • Week 7: Paths to Wisdom – Failure • Week 8: Paths to Wisdom – Humility • Week 9: Paths to Wisdom – Fear of the Lord

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The Power Within

Discover your surprising power source for moment-by-moment living

The-Power-WithinEvery day we’re bombarded with images and stories of Superwomen. They do it all, and they do it all while wearing power pumps. And we wistfully tell ourselves, I need to be more like that. Do we? What if real power is not about winning trophies and waving banners and strutting our stuff. What if being Superwoman has nothing to do with a cape…and everything to do with a cross? This 10-week study will open your eyes to the source of true, life-transforming power.

Key Scriptures: The Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-12)

Week 1: Packing Up Superwoman • Week 2: The Power of Being Poor in Spirit • Week 3: The Power of Mourning • Week 4: The Power of Meekness • Week 5: The Power of Spiritual Hunger and Thirst • Week 6: The Power of Mercy • Week 7: The Power of a Pure Heart • Week 8: The Power of Peacemaking • Week 9: The Power of the Persecuted • Week 10: The Power Within

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Spa for the Soul

9 treatments to refresh your spirit

Spa-for-the-Soul-DownloadWho can resist a spa day? While most spa treatments focus on our exteriors, this 9-week video study introduces women to the treatments that refresh our weary souls. The teaching tone is often lighthearted but the message goes deep, guiding women into the lasting refreshment that a personal relationship with God provides.

Week 1: Renew • Week 2: Remain • Week 3: Rejuvenate • Week 4: Remember • Week 5: Refocus • Week 6: Release • Week 7: Rest • Week 8: Redeem • Week 9: Receive

Spa for the Soul is the most motivational study I have ever attended. Kim’s teaching and biblical references reach into the heart of your troubles and set before you a clearer understanding of God’s love. I was truly refreshed and uplifted by this series.Susan, Maryland
Spa for the Soul was an indulgent retreat for my spirit, a luxuriating journey with God’s healing balms of truth. I was revived, energized, and encouraged.Kim, Maryland

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